Podotech Stars are the latest innovation in prefabricated foot orthotics. Designed to have the appearance, feel and functionality of custom orthotics. Podotech Stars are thermo-mouldable and offer endless opportunities for customisation. They can be issued straight from the packet or made into custom orthotics through quick and easy modifications.

Key Features:

  • Thermo-mouldable nylon shell allows for shell contour customisation if required
  • 4 degree rearfoot posting (except Antares) for greater control
  • Heel cup provides additional stability
  • Exposed bottom shell enables easy adjustments to be made
  • Low profile design allows them to fit comfortably in different shoe types
  • Ideal for use with Podotech wedges and components
Podotech Mira
Podotech Polaris
Podotech Sirus

Podotech Antares


Podotech Regulus


Podotech Capella