Podotech In-Shoe Felts are manufactured by one of the Worlds most trusted podiatric felt manufacturers. Medically designed range of felt orthotic components which can be used to treat and correct arch, forefoot and and heel ailments in addition to providing shoe comfort and fit. Podotech Felts are an effective and affordable alternative to custom made orthotics which can be placed directly inside the shoe.

Podotech Felt products are manufactured from only the highest quality materials. 100% natural wool felt provides a comfortable correction. The felt is resilient and long lasting… yet very affordable.

All Podotech Felts are 100% guaranteed.

Long Lasting

Podotech Felts should last the life of the shoe. Of course this is dependent upon patient weight, occupation and physical activities, but generally, when the feet of the wearer begin to feel tired or painful again… it is time to replace.

1st Phase of podiatric treatment

Foot and ankle specialists throughout the world have joined together to promote healthier feet. Roomier and more comfortable shoe styles are being rewarded with a “Seal of Approval” and studies have confirmed that affordable, conservative foot care products should be recommended as the first line treatment for most common, painful foot complaints.