Podotech foot orthotics and orthotic components are a range of practical, everyday podiatry products classed as essential in modern foot care. Simple, effective and affordable solutions, Podotech products provide a solution to the everyday demands of the Worlds’ foot care specialists.

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Podotech foot orthotics and components are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Whether it be gel, felt, foam, poron or any other modern material, Podotech products are resilient, long lasting and extremely cost effective – enabling the medical professional opportunity to treat directly, or provide the patient with self-help products to take home.

All Podotech foot orthotics and components are 100% guaranteed.




Podotech Products from the NHS (UK only)

Many Podotech products such as foot orthotics and gels are prescribed by the NHS. Under current NHS services restrictions, replacement orthotics are limited to between 2-4 pairs per year depending on your trust. This in many cases is adequate, but sometimes patients may need replacements or additional items for additional shoes. Podotech are happy to offer these replacements through our consumer foot health care partner Foothealthcare.com. You can purchase replacement insoles and foot orthotics here.