The Elftman Advance enables you to offer a complete gait analysis service, all in one single unit system. The highest quality resistive sensors offer exceptional sampling rates and scan quality to provide you with endless opportunities. Quick and easy to use, the Elftman Advance is a fantastic addition to any clinical practice looking to offer the latest gait analysis facilities.

Why choose the Elftman Advance?

  • 12,288 sensors register foot pressure at a sampling rate of 200 images per second.
  • A single unit structure reduces the complexity of modular systems.
  • Solid and robust system, yet still lightweight
  • The software allows synchronisation of the Elftman Advance measurements with other diagnostic tools.
  • Numerous software options for analysing and displaying scan data.
  • Highly durable, permanent mat surface
  • CE certification provides quality assurance


Dynamic Analysis:

  • Global dynamic view, calculations & graphs
  • Simultaneous displays of each step
  • Multiple characteristics of gait timing
  • Video synchronisation for up to 2 cameras
  • Foot pressure mapping and timing of the stance phase and complete time/pressure analysis


Static Analysis:

  • Foot pressure mapping with an array of analysis options in 2D and 3D
  • Multiple visualisation options
  • Scale 1:1 printing option to make comparisons with previously made scans


Postural Analysis:

  • Numerical and graphic analysis of stabilometry parameters
  • Continuing or step by step analysis and mapping of the centers of pressure evolutions
  • Romberg quotient calculation
  • Live display


Included in the package:

  • Podotech Advance Pressure System
  • USB Cable, CD-ROM and Installation Manual
  • Comprehensive User Manual

12 months warranty