This new innovative PORON® material is laminated to a polymer gel sheeting to combine the ingenious qualities of both materials for superior foot care.

The bottom layer of PORON® Gel is made from PORON® 4000 Performance grade urethane. The material is blue in colour and designed to reduce impact to the feet and joints by providing advanced shock absorption and increased cushioning support.

The top layer of this dual material is a clear gel panel, which acts like human fatty tissue to cushion bony protrusions and pressure sensitive skin. The gel displaces weight evenly thus preventing the focus of pressure on one area alone.


PORON® Gel is also coated with an ionic silver antimicrobial surface layer. This provides the material with antibacterial, antifungal and deodourising properties.

The combination of advanced materials provides the healthcare professional with a firm, yet shock absorbing combination for appliance application where patient comfort and tolerance is a priority.

Sold in sheets: 406mm x 457mm – 3mm

Also available in die cut insoles on request (various sizes)