Podotech Peel & Stick Gel Panel is low durometer comfort gel sheeting with a revolutionary adhesive backing. The material also incorporates the unique antimicrobial properties of silver. Contructed from a hydrophilic film, silver ions work to prevent the regeneration of bacteria through diffusion from the surface area of the padding.

This adhesive backed cushioning material is multifunctional and can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of applications.


- Low durometer: better pressure relief and less shear.
- Peel & stick: specific spot placement, reusable adhesion.
- Transparent: discreet look, matches colour upon contact.
- Ionic silver antimicrobial surface: naturally antimicrobial.
- Polyurethane gel: low durometer and high performance.
- Trim to fit: cut with scissors, gel will not leak.


- Heel lifts, heel spur pads, arch supports, metatarsal pads
- Prosthetic: specific spot placement and abrasive ‘hot spots’
- Diabetic: Cut to shape for full size insole lining