< ![CDATA[ENGO is a low-friction patch manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive. Patches are uniquely applied to footwear, insoles & equipment – NOT ON SKIN – to provide easier, longer-lasting blister-free protection and relief. ENGO patches are thin, sweat-proof and latex-free.


ENGO Blister Prevention Patches keep blisters from happening, no matter what type of shoe you’re wearing… running shoes, sports cleats, fashion footwear and more. Ultra-thin, patented low friction technology proven to reduce friction so blisters don’t occur.

Easy Peel & Stick Installation.

Applies directly to footwear or insoles or athletic equipment – not against the skin.

Ultra-thin patches feel invisible when applied.

Contents: 2 Large Oval Patches

Usage Instructions:

Select a patch based on coverage required: rule of thumb is to select a patch that is 1/4 – 1/2 inch larger than troubled area or blister:

  • Large oval: heel, arch, ball of foot, side of foot
  • Small oval: toes, heel
  • Rectangle (3″x4″): skates, helmets, boots

1. Peel white backing partially, forming a tab to hold while handling patch.

2. Apply adhesive side of blue ENGO patch to desired location of dry footwear.

3. Peel remaining backing away from patch.

4. Press firmly around entire patch surface to secure.

ENGOs adhesive is pressure-sensitive. Therefore, as pressure increases so does patch conformance & adherence. Patches will eventually need replacement. Replace ENGO when the blue top layer wears through, or completely releases from, the white support layer.

To remove worn patch, simply pull from edge and peel it off. Replace with a new patch.

Place ENGO wherever you experience blisters and soreness caused by the friction forces of repetitive rubbing.

  • New footwear
  • Running, basketball & tennis shoes
  • Hiking, skiing & combat boots
  • Soccer, football & baseball cleats
  • Skates, socks & dance shoes
  • Braces & pads
  • Oars, paddles, rake, bike & shovel handles
  • Hotspots
  • Calluses, hammer toe, & claw toe
  • Heel spurs & bunions