< ![CDATA[Looking for a quick and easy way to restore the colour of your favourite leather shoes or boots? Then look no further! Dylon Leather Shoe Dye will even retain the natural finish of the leather.

Dylon Leather Shoe Dye will change or restore the colour of your leather shoes or boots.

Dylon Leather Shoe Dye is a dye, so the original colour of the shoe will affect the final result. Dark shoes cannot be dyed to a lighter colour.

One pack will dye one pair of average size shoes or small boots.

Note: For Leather Shoes and Boots only. Do not use on waterproofed leather, suede, nubuck, plastic, rubber or patent leather.

Instructions for dying shoes:

  1. Wear rubber gloves

  2. Cover work surface with newspaper before dying.
  3. Prepare shoes for dyeing by cleaning with methylated or white spirit. Allow to dry.
  4. Shake bottle and pour dye into an old saucer or small container (please note it will stain)
  5. Apply the shoe dye evenly using the brush provided.
  6. Allow to dry and add a further coat if necessary.
  7. When dry polish with your usual shoe polish.