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Silicone Spur Cup – Medial Side

< ![CDATA[Medium dual durometer for medial-side or spur/fascia relief and comfort while standing, walking or running. Softer silicone blue zone under tender areas provides increased comfort and pain relief.

Retains shape – will not deform or degrade with use.

Sold in pairs.

Lamisil AT Cream – 7.5g

< ![CDATA[Cures most athlete's foot (tinea pedis) on the bottom and sides of the foot and in between the toes and relieves the cracking, scaling, itching, and burning which accompanies this condition. Also treats dhobie itch.

Active ingredients: Terbinafine hydrochloride 1%]]>

PORON® Heel Cushions

< ![CDATA[PORON® is an innovative, luxurious and lightweight material that is smooth to the touch providing optimum comfort and cushioning for the foot. PORON® Heel Cushions are inserted into the shoe to protect and cushion the heel giving you enhanced comfort.

The heel cushions are adhesive backed so they can quickly and easily be applied to the shoe. Proven to provide relief for heel pain, achilles tendonitis and calf and knee pain.

All materials from the PORON® family pass both the Schwartz and Peck Human Patch Tests (for primary skin irritation) and USP Class VI toxicology testing.

PORON® materials also carry the American Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Approval.

Sold in pairs.

Airplus Gel Heel Cups – Gents

< ![CDATA[Airplus Gel Heel Cups are made from a revolutionary, lightweight polymer gel that provides superior shock absorption, excellent cushioning and long-lasting comfort. Airplus gel heel cups 'cradle' the heel to provide superior stability and support.

One size fits all – mens.

Sold in pairs.]]>

Scholl Gel Heel Pads

< ![CDATA[

Scholl Gel Heel Pads help to relieve heel pain through absorbing shock as you walk. The soft gel centre helps to cushion from painful heel strike & pain associated with heel spurs.

Gel cushioning for optimum comfort.
Shock Absorbing Gel.
Non-slip grip to stay firmly in place.
Natural colour, discrete slim fit, light weight, everyday use and wash to clean.

Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding

< ![CDATA[

Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding offers ultra soft cushioning to reduce pressure friction.

It is particularly useful for sports footwear and comes with a high performance adhesive to keep the cut-to-size padding firmly in place.


Feet should be clean and dry. Cut foam to the required shape and remove backing paper. Apply and press firmly to ensure foam is securely attached. In case of broken skin, apply over a first aid dressing.

Pack contains 1 sheet.


Silicone Metatarsal Pad & Toe Separator

< ![CDATA[Integral toe separator to help realign toes and prevent inter-digital toe abrasion and discomfort for the entire forefoot.

Soft gel cushions while effectively absorbing shock and shear forces.

Protects the metatarsal heads. Ideal for fat pad atrophy and metatarsalgia.

Non-restrictive loop free design suitable for users with arthritis and diabetes.

Silicone Heel Wedge With Cover

< ![CDATA[Medium dual durometer for maximum comfort while standing, walking or running. Softer silicone blue dot under heel centre maximises shock absorption and comfort at point of impact. Will not deform or degrade with use.

Anti-microbial cover.

Sold in pairs.

Scholl Contoured Hard Skin File

< ![CDATA[

choll Contoured Hard Skin File smoothes rough rough and dry skin on the feet, knees and elbows. A washable file that instantly smoothes rough, dry skin upon use whilst helping to prevent the build up of hard skin. Specially contoured design for easy use.

Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit

< ![CDATA[

The Scholl Corn Treatment Kit is a complete solution for the relief and removal of painful corns.Use Scholl Corn Removal Pads with a targeted medicated action for the safe and effective removal of corns. The Scholl Disc system helps protect surrounding healthy skin.